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In Loving Memory of Darth Maul (1999-2017) :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 17 11 Elfin - Naomi and Christopher :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 2 3 Elfin: Jose the Assassin and Alice :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 4 3 Elfin: Demeter and Skylar :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 2 3
Fever Dream -A Short Poem-
One, two, the night comes for you
Three, four, better sharpen those claws
Five, six, the light switch clicks
Seven, eight, don't be afraid
Nine, ten, it's just around the bend...
Scorpions crawling in the mind
Feel the rifle at your side
Clammy hands on mattress bare
Don't you look now, please take care
A stranger on a silent street
It is you he intends to meet
See his hat, shaped like a box
And his face; a fox!
Tigers guard the gates
Their eyes, the jewels of fate
They speak a name that you don't know
"Your work is done here, go!"
You turn to run but you can't move
Such is the life you have to lose
Hush, little child
Time to go to bed
You needn't fear
Snow White or Rose Red
There's that Brave Tailor
His name is Tom Thumb
Don't show the Tinderbox to anyone
"A palace of crystal walls awaits you, small one. Take this chance, and escape your fever dream!"
Nothing burns quite like the cold
I am so young, yet I feel old
Fair is foul, foul is fair
Let the scream escape the air
The dark
The l
:iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 0 0
Happy Halloween From Darth Maul! :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 2 4 Elfin: Scarlet and Seth Redwood - Young Versions :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 6 5
"It's not all black and white. There are heroes and villains on both sides."
I smile at my mother's face, frozen in the perfect eternity of a photograph. I have never loved her more.
A child lies curled up beside a warm fireplace, dreaming of the future. Nothing can prepare the innocent minds for the horrors of reality.
I can see an Elf-child, walking down the street of a human town. The other children stare at him like he's a museum exhibit. Why can't they see he's just like them?
"Never forget what you believe in. I've never forgotten it."
"Your son is alive, Naomi. He's right here. Please, mother, wake up. Just hang on."
I remember I once believed the Yin Yang of our world could never be united. Maybe it won't, not in this life, at least.
"Good people, under cruel rule, do bad."
"There's no shame in loving someone for who they are. It doesn't matter what the others say."
"Who are you to judge me? You've never seen my face."
A solitary man hugs himself, trying to recall the vague mem
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Elfin - Copernicus 'Copper' Brightroot :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 6 3 The Third Brother: A Star Wars Story :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 1 0
Darth Maul 'All About That Bass' Parody
Because you know I’m all about revenge
Bout revenge
That’s right, bro
I’m all about revenge
Bout revenge
Back from the dead
I’m all about revenge
Bout revenge
I be trollin’
I’m all about revenge
Bout revenge
Yeah, it’s pretty clear
I lost both my legs
But I can promise, promise
Someone gon’ lose his head
Jedi go boom boom
Once I blow up their base
All of their limbs
In thousands of places
I see Kenobi
Actin’ like he da boss
Gotta have nerves of steel
To deal with that slop
I hate his beard, beard
He gotta shave it off
Or maybe I should do that instead
Gonna shave off his whole head
Yeah, my mama, she told me
Stop obsessing with revenge
But I can’t wait for Kenobi to meet a grisly end
He’ll be impaled
Maybe beheaded
And once that’s done
I’ll kill off the other Jedi as well
A good example would be Yoda
Oh my, does he smell!
Yoda: What say, hmm!?
Because you know I’m all about revenge
Bout revenge
Who isn&
:iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 1 0
Pythor's Woobie Face :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 7 5 Operation Hourglass Nathan Cleanboot :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 0 0
Darth Maul/Savage Opress 'Hello' Parody
SAVAGE OPRESS: *wandering around in Lotho Minor trying to find Darth Maul*
Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal ya
But we haven’t done much healing
Hello, can you hear me?
SAVAGE: Is that you, brother?
I'm in Lotho Minor ranting about a guy named Kenobi
When he cut me in half
I remember feeling pain and then I couldn’t feel my feet
There's so many planets between us
And a million episodes
Hello from the Dark side
I must have claimed a thousand lives
And I'm not ashamed for everything that I've done
‘Cause what I want most is revenge Obi-Wan
Hello from the Dark side
Do or do not, there is no try
Can’t say that I'm sorry for breaking those Jedi's heart
But don't worry, brother,
They won't tear you apart anymore
OBI-WAN KENOBI: *on the phone* Hello?
MAUL: *on other end*
Kenobi, how are you?
OBI-WAN: *gasps* Darth Maul?
It's s
:iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 1 5
Operation Hourglass: Marilyn Vinter :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 2 3 Elfin - Theresa Greenleaf and Artemis Heronbow :iconspiritbird-250:SpiritBird-250 7 6


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Oh my God... I finally got around to seeing that episode today. The one I've been awaiting for, like, ever. 

It was honestly so beautifully made and the introduction of Obi-Wan Kenobi (and a sweet little cameo from Luke at the end) were some very nice touches.

But I feel like what this episode will be remembered for is (spoiler alert) the final death of Darth Maul. No, he's not gonna come back. The beloved Sith lord has become one with the Force. Sorry if this feels a little like a rant, but I've honestly never felt so sad about the death of a fictional character before. :cries:

All I can say is I'm glad Obi-Wan showed him mercy, even when he killed him. I swear Kenobi is so pure. :aww: 

Despite the fact that this episode was basically Ezra Bridger searching for Maul and Obi-Wan - as he wanted to protect him from Maul - I have to say this is pretty much the deepest episode of the series and I loved it. :heart: 10/10.

Now there's the finale, Zero Hour, approaching. Fingers crossed that no more of my faves die. :pray:

Spirit, over and out. Darth Maul-emote {Star Wars} 
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Hi, people!

My name is Rabia, but you can call me Spirit. :meow:

I am an author and digital artist who lives in England. I believe in God and miracles and I'm glad I do! I love reading Redwall, listening to melodic rock music, and watching things like Ninjago, Labyrinth and Gremlins. I also love writing and intend to be a professional author when I get the chance.

I am also a Lord Of The Rings nerd! Forth Eolingas!

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Favourite Book Ever: Martin the Warrior

Favourite Film Ever: Labyrinth

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Favourite Movie Character Ever: Smeagol from Lord of The Rings!

Favourite Book Character Ever: Badrang the Tyrant!

Favourite Radio Series: Cabin Pressure

Favourite Musical: Phantom of the Opera

Favourite TV Series: Studio C

Favourite Animal: FOXES!!!!!


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